Travel in London like a Local

London is one of the most visited and one of the most diverse cities in the world. London has something for everyone: history, royal parks, monuments, fine food. I have been to London a few times and each time felt like there is a lot to do in London because you can never get bored of this city. The first thing that comes to my mind after hearing London is the song 'London Thumakda'. If you haven't yet visited London, you are missing a great city. If you are visiting London for the first time, this post is for you.

Airport Transfers
There are several options to reach your hotel / hostel once you land at London Heathrow airport. I don't prefer London Black Cab because once it did dent in my wallet. You can pre book the minicab online, but check online the mini cab service available in the area in which you are going. Another option is to use the public transport options provided by Transport For London (TFL). You can also use google maps, but keep postcodes handy. You can also try other cab service provider like Uber.

Google Maps

Uber Price within Google Maps mobile app

Roaming Around London
You can travel on Bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line and the most National Rail services in London and pay using Oyster card. Oyster card can be purchased from any of the Underground stations by paying 5 GBP which is refundable when you return the card. Oyster gives freedom to pay as you go or buy daily / weekly / monthly pass. London is divided into nine Travel Zones and pass fare depends on the zones you choose to travel. Check updated fares from the TFL website before you plan your travel. Travel zone 1 covers the central area and fare zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 form concentric rings around it. Most of the tourist attractions are located in Zone 1 only. If you are staying in zone 3, then buy for zone 1-3 pass. This pass covers zone 1 -3's Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail, National Rail Services and you can travel whole London in bus using this pass. Google Maps app in smartphone would make travel easy.

Google Maps App

Buying Local Sim Card
You can buy a SIM card from the vending machine at London Heathrow airport or any tiny hole-in-the-wall local stores in the city. These SIM cards are free of cost, don't require any documents to be submitted and you need to only pay for top up card. I bought a Lycamobile SIM card as call to India was 1 pence per minute (INR 1 per minute) and GBP 5 for 500 MB of data valid for 30 days.

Enjoy your stay in London and if you have any queries, post them in the comments below.

Ghanti Big Ben Di

Friday, 1 April 2016
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

[SPONSERED] ASUS Zenfone : Far Ahead in Technologies Implementation

With one master stroke Asus has leapfrogged in mobile phone technology by introducing zenfone in the market. As the first look suggests it is far ahead of its time probably by 100 years because of the implementation of out of the box cutting edge technologies. For instance, the GPU processor installed in the core of the phone executes complex graphic laden applications with a very high degree of visual appeal. Not many smart phones in the market can achieve the same benchmark as the new kid on the block called ZENFONE

ASUS Zenfone 5

For the first time ASUS has launched its proprietary technological application to combine hardware, software and cutting edge optical deign in a single package so that image quality is enhanced to unprecedented levels. ASUS ZenFone is Empowering Luxury for Everyone. So what are you waiting for?  Click a snap of your friends and savor the professional qualities of the photos as memories that could be cherished forever. One can’t stop admiring the irresistible intelligence technology of ASUS in its new avatar on the phone as it simplifies extremely complex functionalities accessed through a versatile user interface. Even laymen can operate the phone with consummate ease in spite of the presence of new and complex technologies. 
Thursday, 27 November 2014
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Travel Smart & Play Smart during IPL

Skyscanner India recently launched Dare to travel with the Daredevils Contest for bloggers where bloggers can win a chance to fly with the players of the Delhi Daredevils team and or get an opportunity to meet and greet the players at an exclusive event.

Skyscanner India had invited bloggers to share travel skills and secrets, useful tools and tips or just explain a classic technique well and chosen ones can convey our unique, innovative and crazy travel tip in person to favourite Delhi Daredevils' players!
Photo Courtesy: Skyscanner's Facebook fan page
It's really important for the players to stay fit and give their best on the stadium. Each player should take responsibility for his own success. When you travel away from home, you need to be more coordinated. Feeling fatigued is clearly not the optimal mindset in which to perform at one's best. Here are some helpful tips for when you are traveling:
Before Travel Tips:

  1. Plan for travel well in advance to reduce stressful situations.
  2. Check out healthy airport food options before you eat at any chain at the airport.
  3. Get plenty of rest, and avoid sleep deprivation.

Air Travel Tips:

  1. Humidity is around 10-15% on a plane and moisture is drained from you. So drink plenty of water or fruit juice in order to reduce dehydration. You need to keep your body hydrated in order to perform your best.
  2. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake as it also dehydrates.
  3. Use earplugs to minimize noise exposure.
  4. Avoid taking sleeping pills.

Post Travel Tips:

  1. Avoid heavy or exotic/spicy meals as it may lead to stomach upset.
  2. Avoid heavy training immediately after a flight.
  3. Take snacks with you, avoid snacking on junk foods at the stadium.
  4. Avoid alcohol intake as it is detrimental to your performance and will affect your games. Save it up for after the last game when you can celebrate all your wins!!

I am a Delhite and supporting Delhi Daredevils with the whole heart. :)

Monday, 12 May 2014
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

My adventurous side

Young travellers, including me, started their 14 days adventurous journey to South Africa. After seeing itinerary, it was indisputable that this was going to be crazy 14 days in South Africa. There are lot memories from this trip, including interaction with a Cheetah in Cheetah Outreach program, spotting lions inside safari, bungee jumping from Bloukrans Bridge and a lot more. I want to tell you about some of my favourite adventurous moments that I will cherish for a lifetime.

We decided to spend some quality time at Spier Wine Estate when we were at Stellenbosch. We decided to go on a Segway tour of the Spier wine Estate. We were transported to the Segway section, and were subjected to a thorough testing of our balancing skills before being deemed 'safe enough' to be left free on the Spier wine estate. We came back unscathed to enjoy our dinner with loads of wine bottles. It was just the beginning of adventurous journey; we had planned something big for the next day of our journey.
Segway Tour at Spier Wine Estate
We all agreed to do shark cage diving to spend time with the apex predator of the oceans around South Africa, the great white shark. We reached White Shark Projects HQ in Gansbaai and got ready for first underwater activity of our adventurous trip. A white shark approached our boat, attracted by the smell of fish oil. We put on our wet-suits and got into the cage that was fastened to the side of the boat. We saw 3m long great white shark that was attracted to the bits of fish that were thrown into the water. Half an hour later, the top of the cage was opened, allowing us to clamber back on board the ship. It was one of a kind of experience that I will never forget.

It was the ninth day of our journey and I was ready to face my phobia of heights. We had to drive over the Bloukrans Bridge, home of the highest commercial bungee in the world. We decided to stop there and allow pushing us off the perfectly stable Bloukrans bride. While standing on the edge of the bridge, a fight started between my brain & heart. Heart told brain that I can't live with this phobia for whole life. Heart won in the end and I finally jumped off the bridge. I will try bungee again for sure.

We were in Durban and we booked a canopy tour in the Karkloof Nature reserve. I didn't fear from heights that day and it was a victory for me. I threw myself in this next escapade, with Tarzan-like enthusiasm. Zipping down a steel cable from one platform to another is a great deal of fun.
Karkloof Canopy Tour
Thursday, 1 May 2014
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

South Africa Day 3 : 'Mother City' Cape Town

It was 6 in the morning and somebody started knocking our room's door. That was Akshay knocking our door because we had to leave at 6 AM. We packed our bags straight away and checked out from Kwa Maritane in next 10 minutes. We reached OR Tambo international airport on time to catch our flight to Cape Town. We had some time and we stopped at Jonty's favorite coffee shop vida e caffè.
Vida e Caffè, OR Tambo
We arrived at Cape Town in the afternoon. I was astounded by the knockout of the Mother City. By the time we had reached the Table Bay Hotel, it was already lunch time. We quickly checked into our rooms and went to sevruga restaurant for scrumptious lunch.
Table Bay Hotel, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
We had a plan to go on a ride on Cape Wheel which offers panoramic views of the waterfront, the city and the Table Mountain, but weather washed out our plan. We also had planned to  go on a Sunset cruise in the evening, but it was also cancelled because of wet & windy weather. As Jonty says "A Traveler is not confined to an itinerary", we continued exploring Cape Town despite of wet weather conditions.
Walking along the streets of Cape Town
We walked from the V&A Waterfront to the Cape Town Stadium, which was specially constructed for 2010 FIFA World Cup.
The Cape Town Stadium
Then we walked along beach road and finally stopped at Sea Point Promenade.
This place was frequented by Cape Town locals.  We took back memories which only a traveler can...Only a true traveler.
Sea Point Promenade
We went back to our hotel room to get ready for dinner at Grand Daddy Hotel. Rooftop Trailer park at Grand Daddy Hotel takes things up a notch. I loved this place because of its classy ambience and of course very good food.
Sunday, 20 April 2014
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

South Africa Day 2 : Pilanesberg National Park

We loved our breakfast at the Melrose arch hotel and then headed for Pilanesberg National Park. Pilanesberg National Park is just two hour’s drive from Johannesburg. 
Hopped on to the bus to leave for Pilanesberg National Park
We stopped at the Chameleon Village for buying affordable souvenirs and then continued our journey. Eventually, we reached Pilanesberg National Park at lunch time and checked in at Kwa Maritane Lodge. We set on the yummy food in the lunch buffet. 
At Kwa Maritane Lodge
Shortly after lunch, we were ready to leave from Kwa Maritane for the first safari of our trip. We were offered milk shake before leaving for Safari and on asking them, they cracked a joke that if any animal eats us, it should get tasty food. We were set out in an open game-viewing vehicle. 
African Safari in an open Game-viewing vehicle
We were in search for the Big Five. We spotted three (Cape buffalo, elephant, rhino) out of five. We stopped for sundowners amid spectacular surrounding near a lake.
One of the Big Five
We began our journey back to the Lodge at sunset time. Our guide cum vehicle driver stopped the vehicle in the middle of somewhere in the park. At this point, I was looking at the stars in the sky and I could actually feel the stars. We again continued our journey to the Lodge. We were welcomed with hot veg mushroom soup and a traditional South African dance by few local artists.
Traditional South African Dance Performance
On Saturday and Wednesday evenings (weather permitting) Lodge offers dine al fresco on traditional South African fare in the Bush Boma. We were lucky because it was Saturday. We loved our dinner at small Boma.
Dinner at Boma
We got to our suite after dinner because we had to leave for Johannesburg at 6 in the morning.
Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

South Africa Day 1 : Johannesburg

We reached Johannesburg’s OR Tambo Airport after a nine hour flight and we all were in for a surprise. Cricket legend Jonty Rhodes was waiting to receive us. After handshakes and hugs, obviously the topic of discussion was Cricket.
OR Tambo Airport
We were transferred to Melrose Arch Hotel from the airport where we dropped our luggage and got ready to start our trip. We arrived at the Gautrain park station just in time for city sightseeing tour in an open double Decker bus.
Jonty Crew at Gautrain Park Station bus stop
We boarded a Hop-on, Hop-off bus at 11:40 AM. I got to know about many historically significant sites in Jo'burg during this sightseeing trip. The bus dropped us at Gold Reef City. We had lunch at Back of the moon restaurant before heading to Shaft 14. We went deep down in the belly of the earth for the dormant gold mine tour. The Gold Reef City tour concluded with a demonstration of how gold is processed after it is extracted from a gold mine.
Gold Reef City
The day was not over yet. We moved to the Sel et Poivre restaurant for food and wine pairing, prepared by celebrity chef Coco Reinarhz. We reached back to the hotel after dinner and finally I passed some time in my luxurious room at Melrose Arch Hotel.
Tuesday, 1 April 2014
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

Travel : Feast for the soul

Happiness is when I am travelling to new places. Everybody finds happiness in different things. I found my happiness in travelling. I want to see each corner of the world before I die. I want to try each type of adventurous activity. Travel makes me happy :)


There was a time when I had to choose between my happiness and money, and then I chose happiness. I started working in an IT company in Gurgaon. I got offer letter from an MNC which offered me less money, but gave me joining in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. I joined that company because I saw it as an opportunity to explore God's Own Country, Kerala. Everyone criticised my decision, but my mom asked me "Beta, are you happy?". I just smiled and my mom could see the happiness in my eyes.
Thursday, 13 March 2014
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

Bacardi celebrated 151-years long Untameable Spirit of Triumph on 23rd December, 2013

Bacardi, founded on 4th February 1862 celebrated 151-years long journey by hosting an event on 23rd December at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. It was time for Viva La Pasion, a modern opera choreographed by Terence Lewis.

Bacardi presents Viva La Pasion

Bacardi showcased it's untameable spirit through Viva La Pasion. It perfectly showcased the history of Bacardi family.

Spirit of Bacardi

Bacardi has faced many ups and downs since it's introduction in Cuba in 1862. They faced fire, earthquake, bankruptcy, thrown out of Cuba; but are still standing strong. "Exiled, Outlawed, Imprisoned and Always Free". It represents the true passion and untameable spirit of Bacardi family. Bacardi unveiled it's new campaign "Bacardi Untameable since 1862" and TVC at the event.

Bacardi Untameable since 1862

After the event, We headed to After Party area. There were queues outside after party area waiting for their turn to go inside. Even we tried our luck to get an entry inside after party area where Midival Punditz played awesome electronic music.

After Party at Bacardi's event

Sunday, 29 December 2013
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

[SPONSERED] Day out at La Montana

Tata Housing's new project La Montana, an integrated township with all the amenities you need to live the life you always wanted. A township with a Mediterranean soul both in its terraced layout and in its architecture. La Montana is strategically located near Pune, in the lush green landscape of Vadgaon, near Talegaon, with the hills of Lonavala as its neighbours. Which means peace and convenience have finally found an address where they can coexist.

Top view of project La Montana

La Montana is situated in 20 acres of terraced land. So no matter which home you choose, you will always have an uninterrupted view of lush green nature and the hills nearby. Space is another highlight here. In fact 70% of the township is reserved to be open. Even the homes are designed to maximise your living space.

Bienvenidos a la Montana

La Montana is bringing Spain to India. Now you can own a Spanish home in India. La Montana is very good option for buying a second home near Lonavala @ 4600 rs. per sq. ft. People can even choose it as first home because there will be 1 BHK, 2 BHK budget apartments with amenities like school, playground, healthcare center, shopping center etc. Phase 1 is already booked and will be ready by the end of this year.

'Spain to Spain' contest is the icing on the cake. Book a home at La Montana and you may get chance to experience the La Tomatina in Spain with your family this August.

Thursday, 18 July 2013
Posted by Sahil Dudeja

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